Eziel’s Resume Appendix

Thanks for checking out my LinkedIn. Here you can download my resume or view some of my professional papers.

Santification Paper

This paper was done for a Biblical Studies class I took, investigating some questions and issues of the topic of sanctification in the book of Romans.

Adidas Global Implications Paper

This paper was done during a class that explored how organizations are currently marketing their product globally and what suggestions I had. This paper was done early in my college studies (2009) and one thing to point out is that I specifically pointed out that Adidas needed to market better in the United States and one way that I thought was very effective was sponsorship of iconic athletes. I was comparing Nike and Adidas and the reason why Nike is popular has some connection to how they have become who they are due to athletic sponsorships (Michael Jordan, Lebron James, Kobe Bryant) to create a desirable brand among the consumer because many of the “best” and most iconic players wear Nike.

Well couple years later, Adidas has signed several marquee players including recent NBA MVP Derrick Rose and NBA All Stars Kevin Garnett and Dwight Howard. Adidas has also signed sponsorships with pop stars like Katy Perry and B.o.B. This is just cool because I had recommended that same exact suggestion in this paper, when I was a sophomore in college.

Marketing Plan for Rugby Ralph Lauren

This is a group project paper that I was a part of. I led a group of awesome people in creating this marketing plan for an up and coming clothing line called Rugby which is part of Ralph Lauren brand family. The way this project worked was that every week we would have to present a part of the marketing plan to class. By the time the end of the semester came we had all the pieces of the marketing plan and as a group we put together an attractive option for Rugby Ralph Lauren.

Case Study on Ford

This another individual paper that was done in one of my upper level classes. This is just a case on how Ford reacted to the recession and what they should do in order to find success in the future.


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